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Kids Changing Robe | Beach Cover Up | Camping Robe

Kids Changing Robe | Beach Cover Up | Camping Robe

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Clover, zip-free kids changing robe make fast changes easy!

Bold and beautiful, our Clover Kids in 'Jazzy Jade' features an all-over Jade body, including our signature 'leaf' design back and two contrasting deep pockets at the front.


  • 100% absorbent Australian cotton
  • Two invisible, deep pockets make it possible to go hands-free
  • Adjustable and spreadable back for easy clothing changes while maintaining cover
  • Self-hanging from straps - keep your towel off the floor!

Multiple uses - year-round use

  • Gym, swimming, sports, dance, and gymnastics for fast clothing changes
  • An excellent option for school bags, camps and excursions 
  • During treatments, post-surgery
  • Ideal for people with restricted mobility - access from sides and back


Your Clover should allow you with enough room to change in comfortably.

Wear an 8-10, you may want a size small

Wear a 10-12,  you may want a size medium

Wear a 12-14 you may want size large


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