One wearable towel. Many uses.

  • Adults Clover Sizes

    • For sizes 6-10, you may want a small 

    • For sizes 10-14, you may want a medium 

    • For sizes typically 14-16, you may want a large 


  • Kids Clover Sizes

    • For sizes 6-10, you may want a size Small
    • For sizes 10-12,  you may want a size Medium
    • For sizes 12-14 you may want size Large

Accessible. Soft. Durable. Clover Wearable Towels

The Clover wearable towel difference

  • Accessible design

    Dropped sides, adjustable and spreadable from the back. Your Clover wearable towel gives you privacy at the front and the flexibility to change freely from behind.

  • Made in Melbourne

    Our wearable towels are designed and made by local experts inside Melbourne, from products sourced within Australia.

  • Self hanging

    Keep your wearable towel off the floor. Your straps are perfect for hanging your Clover, keeping you, towel and space clean and healthy.

  • Two deep pockets

    Two deep pockets allow you to go hands-free, carrying with you whatever you need - do you need that bag?

  • More uses than others

    Post-surgery, post-partum, in the sauna, at the gym, after dance class or just around the house. Clover is also an excellent option for people with restricted mobility.

Best sellers

We're confident you'll get more use from one Clover than any other wearable towel design.