Meet 'CLOVER' the new breed in changing robes 🙌🏼

We’re not your typical hooded towel or dressing robe brand. 

Since 2018 I have worked to create a ‘wearable towel’, ‘changing robe’ solution that not only works to help adults and children change with ease, but something that is easily worn from activity to activity.

Clover is where fashion meets function for everyday practical living

My garments are created from start to finish within Melbourne, with every single person involved being an expert in what they do - an accumulative 60 years of service!

What can you expect from each Clover?

✅ Absorbency - to help you dry off quickly if you’ve been in the water.

✅ A hands free experience - you don't need to hold up a towel, face a wall, or carry a heavy robe anymore.

✅ Two deep pockets to carry what you need!

✅ An environmentally friendly option, using locally sourced and knitted cotton, reducing our carbon footprint by keeping things local.

Clover is the perfect ‘after active’ garment, giving you privacy and comfort inside a fashion forward design and you won’t find another one like it!

Enjoy your time, doing what you love and pick yourself a Clover, you won’t look back!

Lots of love,


Founder and CEO 

A Clever Change PTY

*Clover is Patent Pending

Anatomy of our Clover Garment

❤️ Buy A gift that keeps on giving ❤️

❤️ Perfect for Periods ❤️

Anyone who has ever had to clutch a tampon, pad, cup or however you do periods, knows that feeling of trying to get changed with discretion in a busy locker room.

The Clover is your new best friend, with handy pockets for tweens, teens and adults, you can nip from shower to the loo and change with ease.

In fact the Clover makes the PERFECT GIFT for our young teens coming into bloom ❤️

Get my Clover now ❤️

❤️ Gorgeous on your #TweenQueen ❤️

It feels like childhood is gone in a flash and our women of the future are so much more savvy, especially when it comes to fashion.

Clover is the perfect combination of modesty and style with our beautiful timeless, and functional design, your Tween and Teen Queens will look on point without baring it all.

Clover will be the trendiest absorbent coverall, do-all this Summer - be sure to add it to your cart to avoid missing out this Christmas ❤️

Clover for Christmas ✅

❤️ Oh-so-easy Gym Changes ❤️

Gyms can be a busy place, we don't always get a private little nook to rip off our clothes and change without prying eyes.

You're going to find your Clover a life changing experience. No more juggling towels, no more naked, cold embarrassing moments.

Get coverage where it matters the most, and use our patent.pending flexible design to change easy - top and bottom ❤️

Embarrassing Gym moments be gone 👍

Featured collection -🥳 Limited Time Introductory Price 🥳

  • 'Magenta' Adults with pure black panel
    'Magenta' Adults with pure black panel
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  • 'Jade' Adults with pure black panel
    Jade' Adults with pure black panel
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  • Clover Kids in 'Magic Magenta'
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There's a 🍀 for everyone

❤️ Flexibility for Groovy Grannies ❤️

Through all stages and ages, Clover's flexible, accessible and stylish design looks good on YOU!

Designed with easy access in mind, stiff joints will love Clover, enabling you to get in, out and about to easily get to the bathroom without frustrating restrictive garments.

Instead of pulling up and down pants, skirts or sleepwear, Clover's signature back 'leafs' allow a quick spreading, for easier living.

❤️ Groovy Granny needs a Clover ❤️

❤️ Perfect for Post-Partum ❤️

Easy breast feeding access, toileting and generous pockets makes Clover an ideal and unique gift for new mums.

Clover's soft and absorbent 100% Cotton make is comfortable and lightweight, perfect for around the home especially in those early weeks.

Keep yourself dry, and cuddle baby close into your Clover after bathing - you'll find lots of ways to use your multipurpose garment.

❤️ The Perfect Gift for Mama ❤️

❤️ Terrific for your Tiny Dancer ❤️

Tiny Dancers, Gymnasts, Soccer Stars, and sporty-spice's unite! Clover makes a terrific solution for quick and easy changes on the go.

When space is at a premium and uniform changes are a must, you can count on Clover to provide privacy so you can get gone!

Clover's absorbency is perfect after a sweaty work out and when a quick shower is needed! If this isn't the best thing in the whole wide world, we don't know what is!

❤️ Change anywhere with ease ❤️

I highly recommend the Clover. This is super amazing.

I actually saw someone with the clover at the beach and I just had to stop and ask where she had bought it from.

She gave me your link and I ordered 1 for my daughter, and 1 for myself. A definite life changer.

We no longer have to worry about towels falling off, or not having the much needed privacy.

🤭 I love it 🥰🥰

Tina Shiro

The Clover Blog 🍀