Public changing rooms suck

Until now, there wasn't a SUPER easy way to change FAST in public changing rooms. We know, you know, what a major pain in the a## it is.

The question is, will you do anything about it?

If you, like us, think life's too short to do dumb s*** over and again, get smart, add to cart.

It'll cost less than the random stuff you buy in a Target frenzy.

Get clever. Buy it, love it and tell the people you like about it. 

Oh, and the people standing around naked. Tell them too.


Of course, you do.

Get your orders in before 4 pm Monday to Friday; we'll fire up the Ferrari for same-day dispatch.

Just joking, we don't have a Ferrari, but we trust AusPost to get it there.

Every Clover order is shipped in Ecomailers, certified to break down within 180 days in home compost and 90 days in a commercial compost. 

  • Adults Clover Sizes

    • For sizes 6-10, you may want a small 

    • For sizes 10-14, you may want a medium 

    • For sizes typically 14-16, you may want a large 


  • Kids Clover Sizes

    • For sizes 6-10, you may want a size Small
    • For sizes 10-12,  you may want a size Medium
    • For sizes 12-14 you may want size Large

Clover changing robe and wearable towel

The Clover difference

  • Easy to put on and take off

    We know that the last thing you want to do is change your clothes in public.

    We've made easy to stay covered and change with full access to your body.

    Change tops overhead, put bras on from the sides and back, and pull up your pants or underwear without flashing.

    No zips or ties—just one easy and flexible design.

    Watch and learn 
  • One of a kind design

    Clover is for people of all abilities.

    Uniquely made and versatile so you can use it however you need, beyond changing rooms.

    Post-surgery, post-partum, in the sauna, at the gym, after dance or swim class or just around the house.

  • Simple to hang and store

    If the pandemic taught us anything, good hygiene is essential to keep ourselves healthy.

    Keep your Clover off the floor using the straps.

    The Kids Clover gives kids independence to hang their towels - start them young!

  • Melbourne designed, made and owned

    We choose to make the Clover within Melbourne, utilising our talent inside our city, comfortably knowing that our artisans are working in fair conditions.

    We care about the environmental impact of making new products and reduce our footprint staying local.

  • Two deep pockets and 100% cotton

    Carry your phone, wallet, goggles, swimsuit, period products, car keys - whatever you can fit and go hands-free.

    Clovers are made from 100% cotton, absorbent and dry quickly. Each one is dyed expertly by experts who have worked with beloved local brands.

Best sellers

We're confident you'll get more use from one Clover than any other wearable towel design.