Collection: The quality features of EVERY Clover changing robe

Whether buying a Kids or Adults Clover, you get the same incredible design and features.

Never go naked - faster changes anywhere

Our accessible, clever design keeps you covered without standing in the nude. You don't need to hide under fabric to finish the job - we've removed all issues that made public clothing changes slow and annoying.

How is FAST covered changing possible?

  • A wide neck and adjustable overhead sizing make it easy to pull over your head and change from the top
  • Dropped sides of the Clover give complete flexibility to thread a bra through and do up shirt buttons
  • Our flexible, leaf-back design spreads apart to give you full access to change from behind, allows you to sit down to change and do up bra fastenings without any fabric getting in the way
  • We don't need zips or ties to make the Clover work, which means there's less to break and more accessibility for all abilities.