Learn about the zip-free, wearable towel change and dry-anywhere solution

You want some modesty. You want a way to change quickly, without fussing with big bulky robes or hiding under a towel sheet.

Maybe you're a busy mum with kids, simply trying to get dry, dressed and out of the changing rooms at a swimming pool - you need fast changes.

Maybe you need a changing robe with an accessible design: no closures or zips. Just something you can wear that'll give you modesty without struggling to put it on and take it off.

Maybe you're looking for a gift for someone who needs extra help and independence—something to wear through physical or medical therapy or just around the home.

Whatever the problem you're trying to solve, Clover wearable towels' accessible, functional and convenient design helps many people get what they need inside a beautiful, fashion-forward garment.


Clover features:

  • We've made it easy to put it on, with a size adjustable head opening
  • A flexible back opening helps you to spread out and change with access to your body without fiddling inside a heavy robe, fastenings and zippers
  • Your wearable towel has generous dropped sides, making it easier to fasten a bra, do up buttons or assist breastfeeding or medical treatments
  • Two deep, invisible pockets help you carry what you need to go hands and bag free
  • We use 100% cotton, sourced and knitted in Australia and create with flat seams for a comfortable feel.


Where are Clover wearable towels made?

The Clover is designed, fabric sourced, dyed, and expertly made in Melbourne, Australia. This helps quality control, making sure that your garment is finished beautifully.

The choice to create the Clover entirely within Melbourne supports our goals to be a 'clever change', utilising our talent inside our city, comfortably knowing that they are not only artisans but working in fair conditions.

Keeping our making local means we keep our emissions down, all within the city of Melbourne. We care about the environmental impact of making new products.

We're not a fast fashion brand; we don't make cheap clothes and accessories that have been notorious in the fashion industry.

Our pricing really does reflect the quality, product flexibility and overall quality of what you should expect from your Clover.


Why did you start making these?

Necessity is the mother of invention. After researching the market and coming up with nothing accessible for a modest clothing change, the need for an innovative change and dry-anywhere solution was obvious.

There are lots of surf ponchos and robes on the market, and they are perfect for some people, but not everybody is created the same, leaving many without an option.

We play in a space serving different needs and abilities with one simple but clever design.


How can I use the Clover changing robe?

When the Clover was initially designed, it was made with swimmers in mind. Swimsuits can be fiddly to take off, so having access in the right places, like the back, sides and overhead, was crucial.

This is why two deep pockets in the Kid and Adults' changing robes were included, as swimmers typically carry goggles and need a place to store wet garments or carry car keys and mobile phones.

But as time went on, and I experimented with the Clover, I found many more uses than I initially realised one garment could do.

When I underwent major surgery that meant walking and going to the bathroom would be difficult, I wore my garment over a T-shirt as an accessible robe. I could go to the bathroom without needing to pull anything up or down as the garment covered my bottom half - I just spread the backside apart.

I realised that the way the sides were constructed also allowed for breastfeeding, and because the garment is absorbent, it helps with milky, sticky, uncomfortable spills.

It's incredible how much a straightforward design can do, and I feel thrilled that I could create something that had more than one use, as it means our customers get something that is a life companion. It has become so much more.

Knowing that older people like my parents, who need more help and don't have the skill they used to, can use something I've created is incredible.

I know how heart-wrenching it can be to think that you might not be there when someone needs assistance, but knowing that the Clover can offer modesty and hygiene and give a bit of independence back, helps ease that fear a little.

It feels good to know that something so simple can help many people, young and old.


Why is a changing robe ideal for kids?

In schools, we teach about body boundaries, and yet, we might be in a situation where there are no fitting rooms or space for privacy, where they have no choice but to dress in front of strangers.

I believe supporting our kids to feel comfortable and safe is essential, and they need tools to do this. The Clover Kids changing robe gives them the independence to change inside a garment without struggling - and they're enabled to change quickly.

Getting dry and dressed and organising all of the things you need to do that - it's a huge milestone for people. It takes organisation and physical skills to do that.

The Clover takes away stressors by helping to dry off the body and not needing to face a wall or carry a towel; the pockets allow for things to be carried and organised - and at the end of it all, the wearable towel can be hung up quickly.

It's an item that can help encourage independence inside and outside of the home, in the school bag for swimming excursions or PE changes. It's perfect for school camps which are already stressful, being away from home, sometimes for the very first time.

Expecting our children to be organised enough to carry it all, remember socks, underpants, toothbrush - with the Clover Kids changing robe, you can set them up for success, practising how they can get ready for the day or night.

The other thing to consider when our kids bloom into adolescence is supporting their needs to feel comfortable inside their changing bodies. Girls starting to get their periods need a way to change their clothes and carry hygiene products.

If you've ever had to carry a menstruation pad, tampon or period underwear to change while on the go, you know how stressful that situation can be, especially when you're going between shower and toilet - you want to have somewhere to carry things discretely.

There are so many reasons why the Clover changing robe is a staple in the wardrobe for kids - if keeping the towel off the floor wasn't enough!


Is it a wearable towel, or is it a robe?

It's both. It's absorbent, so you use the panels to dry off, and it's also a robe because you can wear it anywhere to cover your body.

It's what you need it to be. If you need the option to avoid wearing pants due to a medical need, for example, you could put a T-shirt underneath and wear it as an absorbent, wearable dress. It has a lot to offer.

Clover is innovative clothing. Clover helps you change and dry anywhere while staying covered.


Your photography is 'out there'; why?

Although it's important to represent everyone that would benefit, from mothers to grandparents and people with disabilities, it's also essential to capture what it is.

Space balls down at the beach with a woman who doesn't look like your typical casting is deliberately different, just like Clover.

We're not here to be the same. We're here to offer value, ease and let you use your Clover your own way.