When its time to go.

When its time to go.

One of my favourite things to do with the kids is to go for a splash at the pools. It's cheap, usually cheerful and a great way to exert some energy.


I've learned to keep an eye on the time, and depending on kiddos age, keep sessions tight to avoid the overtired s*** storm that would rear its head if we pushed it just a little too far.

Over the years, I noticed that this situation wasn't exclusive to me as I watched many parents desperately coaxing their kiddos out from the pool, flailing arms, tears, tantrums and pool runners.

To make matters worse, if you've also gone in the water, you're now likely to be left dripping wet, cold and juggling way too many things.

If the experience is bad enough, you'll start to wonder if taking the kids for a swim is worth it? Maybe you won't go back for a while.

This familiar story is only one of the reasons why I developed the Clover.

I mean, getting dressed in gym rooms is uncomfortable enough at times. Still, in a situation where you're managing other people before yourself, it can be super tricky and anxiety-inducing.

Standing in a dressing room naked or freezing and dripping made me feel annoyed. Why should we be left feeling uncomfortable?

Being able to slip something on without having to fight your way into it, getting instant coverage and not wasting time... and being able to go if you need to - thats what we needed.

And now, that is what we have! 

Do yourself a favour, and pick yourself out a Clover because you should be able to do these things without compromising on comfort.

Loads of love

Bianca xxx





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