The Clover: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Clover?
The 'Clover' is a changing towel, wearable towel, a 'changing on the go' garment solution used for more than just after water-related sports.

Uses following: dance glass, gymnastics, gym, swimming, beach, resort, cycling, sport, around the house, washing the dog, after a spray tan!

Where is it made?
The 'Clover' is made entirely within Melbourne, Australia, and we are certified to use the Australian Made logo that verifies this!

We knit our fabric, dye our fabric and construct our Clovers' all within Melbourne, Australia, but we ship worldwide and are exclusively online.

Why did you make this?
Clover was initially a solution for my daughter, who wanted something she could use after swim class to change with modesty around her friends.

But being a little 'fashionista', a wearable hooded towel wasn't what she wanted. When I reflected on this further and researched available options, I saw a gap.

My 'why' is to deliver an option to get changed on the go, provide modesty without compromise, and ensure a solution makes people feel good inside their changing garment.

I want parents with young children, people in changing rooms, at any time, anywhere to get changed with confidence and get more than one kind of use out of it!

Where did the name 'Clover' come from?
When I was making the 'Clover', I continuously found 4 or 5 leafed Clovers wherever I went; I took it as a sign from the universe that this journey was something to pay attention to.

And so, we have the 'Clover'.

How did you make it?
Initially, I spent time cutting up towels and constructing them (rather poorly) with my sewing machine in my backroom; kitchen aprons were my muse.

What bothered me about ponchos and robes was that you couldn't get a top on quickly because of the arms, the back, or the neck hole's size. There was far too much fiddling; it needed to be more accessible.

So I spent time looking at how we could quickly put a bra, top, or even a dress on - it meant sides and back and the neck needed flexibility.

The other difficulty was the fabric because towels are traditionally heavy. Material selection took the longest time, but eventually, I settled on 100% cotton, which is absorbent but lightweight enough to wear.

When did you start making it?
This project started in 2018, and I did some running around with a small child  strapped to me as I met with suppliers.

I applied for a patent, and the rest is 'her-story.'

Who invented the 'Clover'?
The Inventor of the Clover is Bianca Rodriguez, a Mexi-Kiwi born and raised mainly in New Zealand, influenced by her young daughter.

Bianca moved with her husband and child in 2013 to Melbourne, Australia and is now raising two beautiful girls by the beach in the Mornington Peninsula, where the call home.