Resort Wear 2021

The one resort wear item you really NEED!

Packing for a holiday is my least favourite thing to do.

I'm never 100% sure what I'll want to wear, and if I'm feeling a bit 'lumpy', it makes packing all that more frustrating.

And what about the kids? Another bag to pack creates pre-vacay pressure that I don't want.

One of the beautiful things about my Clovers is their flexibility to help typically annoying situations become... less annoying.

Picture this:

You're at a lovely resort, poolside, and you're ready to pack up and head over to the buffet.

What are you going to wear? What are the kids going to wear?

I mean, there are all kinds of 'resort wear' garments you can spend lots of dollars on, but you want to spend money on something you're going to use now and then stash away?

For the last three years, I have been my own 'lab-rat' for lack of a much better term; hand on heart, you need to know this.

The Clover will be not only your best friend on vacation BUT long after that as well.

On holiday, your Clover is your resort wear, and it's going to get you and the kids from poolside to the buffet and back to your room while looking 'put together'.

A hooded towel or a heavy robe is not going to do this for you. But something that is:

  • Easy to get into
  • Fast changes with modesty
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Fashion-forward 

Will be your best friend any day.

Long after the vacation is but a beautiful memory, you're going to keep getting used out of it, and because of its quality construction here in Melbourne, Australia, it will go the distance.

So if you're looking to add to your resort wear, or looking for a wearable towel in the heat of summer, add to cart a Clover because I genuinely believe it will be the clever change you need and want.

P.S - My adults Clovers will be professionally shot shortly - subscribe to my email list to find out when they are listed! 


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