Get changed anywhere

Change. Dry. Go!

There are lots of examples where we want to change out of our clothes in public without struggle - but we don't want to lug around a:

  • hooded towel / poncho
  • swim parka
  • robe
  • with sleeves or restricts access


Many, if not all of these garments have been made for water sports and wet activities, but what about other sports and activities that require a clothing change?

I wanted a garment that answered the 'need' of getting dressed with ease and modesty.

Back in 2018, I identified that there was a gap for a product that could satisfy year round, everywhere changing and set about making something that would not only give top and bottom privacy, but look good in any situation.

My mission is to bring to life a garment for children and adults that is practical, beautiful, ethically made and adaptable for any use.

For this reason, I also incorporated absorbency, and although it is not as thick as your towel, it will get you dry and dressed with privacy, wherever you are.

I hope you enjoy and love Clover as much as I do and let everyone you know about it!

I can't wait for you to join our clever change.


With lots of love,

Bianca xx



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